App Shows Travelers with Dogs “Where to Go”

Whistle contemplates where in the world to go

Whistle studies the globe planning his next trip

February 17, 2012 | Santa Fe, NM

Working Like Dogs has just released a free app that lets travelers with dogs quickly find “Where to Go.”

The free app’s full title is: “Where to Go: a directory of airport animal relief areas.”

While many airports now have dog relief areas, they can be difficult to locate. When people are traveling with their dogs, whether pets, assistance dogs or other types of working dogs, the “Where to Go” app gives them the information they need when the dog has got to go with just a click.

U.S. airports are listed, with short directions to the relief area at each. There are also links to U.S. Department of Transportation FAQs and updated ADA regulations about service animals, as well as other information.

Anyone can download the “Where to Go” app created by Working Like Dogs at the iTunes store or at

“I know when I travel with my service dog, Whistle, we’ve had some challenges finding the relief area in some airports,” says Marcie Davis, founder of Working Like Dogs, a resource for people with working dogs. “I came up with the idea of the Working Like Dogs Where to Go app as a quick and easy tool anyone could use.” Davis adds that she hopes the new app will help relieve a bit of the stress that can be a part of traveling with a dog.

Davis wanted the app to be free so it could reach the largest number of people with assistance dogs and other working dogs. The app was developed for Working Like Dogs by Apptology, Inc.

Davis is the founder of International Assistance Dog Week ( as well as the author of “Working Like Dogs: The Service Dog Guidebook,” ( and host of the Working Like Dogs radio show on